6 or more players
   3-5 players

Selected recent works:


Clarinet, Saxophone, Trombone, Bass, Guitar Pedals, Fixed Media

An exploration, perhaps the most rigorous of mine to date, certainly the most emphatic, of a kind of melodic idiom; a sculpture made from smoke as it rises from an extinguished candle. A post-multi-single movement form. Rather than an architecture of blocks and elaborate legos, each of 6 streams takes the total duration, 25 minutes, and approaches it distinctly - and no attempt can or should be made to coordinate between them. Rather, the sounds, frequencies, melodies interact despite the mutual alienation at the basis of the texture. Performed by ELISION, April 2019

2018 - The Sonnets

Vocal Ensemble, Fixed Media

Melodic blocks, a formal arc

2018 - the great american Novel

Piano solo

At least a thousand melodies. Perhaps a million harmonies. Three movements and a coda, performed in any order, their duration dependent upon their ordinal placement. Each of the three movements focuses relentlessly on an element of technique, which, like a sieve, filters the same or similar materials and actualized their resonance in their own ways.

Total duration ranges from 18 to 56 minutes.

2017 - Without pausing, they spoke through

Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, Piano, Violin, Bass, Fixed Media

A piece about the silence at its center, and a further development of multi-single movement forms. At its center are three distinct types of silences overlaid polyphonically.

2016 - I found a few configurations // some stripes

String Quartet

An initial take on the idea that a piece can in fact be pieces. Movements, an antiquated approach to large-scale forms, 0-7 with a coda, each stake out a musical texture and discourse with complete focus. But each margin between movements is inverted: rather than an open space to allow each movement to be itself, there is a bleed-over from one to the next. There is a contrast formed between any two movements, naturally, but there is also a contrast formed between a single movement by itself and a movement overlap. As there is a continuity at the basis of the process, the music is a single stream. Simultaneously, there is a discontinuity built into the fabric of the music. Not biunivocal, but multi-single movement works.

Winner of the Mivos/Kanter prize, 2018

 © 2018 by Alex Huddleston

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